I must take this opportunity to thank all at Chorley Photographic Society, where I was a member between 1993-2005. I enjoyed working up the ranks from being a complete novice to someone whose work became immediately identifiable within a very friendly club.

Special thanks also goes to my partner Tanya, my family and my friends because if it wasn't for their motivation and enthusiasm, I wouldn't be as established as I am today.

I must send special thanks to Mark Pelly at
Milenix who has helped me immensely with the script for my guestbook, contact and order forms

My final thanks are to the people who take time to look at my site; see the adjacent column to see which countries they have visited from.

Ian Gregory CPAGB


Having added a statcounter to my website in September 2005, I am now able to access information about its visitors and pinpoint exactly where in the world they are. I have decided to include this page for my own record and so that you yourself can see where the hits are coming from. The countries have been split into the relevant continents.


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